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The Latest in Ohio State University Dance…

4 Jun

Everything I know about dance I’ve learned at Ohio State University.  It’s a long story, and one that will require an extensive entry that I have no patience to write.  Too bad.

Anyway, tonight I went to their spring concert, entitled “13 Feats,” showcasing a number of different pieces, mostly modern with some variety to curry spice the life.  People, it was MEGA-long.  A lot of interesting things going on, but when you’re dealing with someone like me who has the attention span of a squirrel, the mind wanders.  I would still recommend to anyone to go see it because there’s a lot of great content though.  Furthermore, one of my little ducklings is in it.

Before I continue, you should know that throughout my massive amounts of class taking at OSU, I’ve befriended a number of lovely ladies, who I call my ducklings.  As head of the dance elective student mafia (in other words, as the comparatively geriatric male of the bunch), I look after them.  You know, let them know when papers are due, carpool to shows, steer them away from unruly boys, and lend an ear whenever they have dance gossip.  I may mention them in this blog, so in the interest of their anonymity, I shall refer to them by the pet names I have so graciously bestowed upon them.  If you know who I’m talking about, that means you know them personally and I don’t worry that you’re some creepo stalker crazy.

So Magelas was in the piece final, a sort of modern-fusion dance set to “O…Saya” from the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack.  Which, for the record I had identified from the beginning as the superior song to the Academy Award winning number “Jai Ho,” despite the fact that I do indeed know the concluding Bollywood dance from the film.  My brain is wired to monkey see monkey do, and for whatever reason it’s pretty good at imitating dances.  My ability to imitate is a gift that may be a further topic of discussion someday.  Oh my Billy Elliot!  So much to cover, and only one life to do it.  (“Billy Elliot” by the way, is my religion and shall thus replace all profanities.  This started when a friend of mine and her Jew mother had gone to see the movie, and due to the excessive amount of swearing, as if we could accept anything less from proper Englishmen, decided to swear as much as they could for entertainment, on their way to the parking lot.  However, once they realized the presence of children nearby, they replaced all terms that could burn the tykes’ ears with Billy Elliot instead.  Or Billeh Elliot if you want to go for a more accurate pronunciation).  

Where was I?  Do sea otters mate for life?

One of the highlights of going to a dance show is people watching the audience.  You have the fellow dancers in the department, friends of the dancers, students who take dance classes and have to write a response paper on a live performance, and me.  In addition, there is a small portion of people who don’t want to be there but are so obviously dragged there (and it is ALWAYS written all over their face).  One girl brought her sasquatch boyfriend, who I shall call Squatch.  Squatch wasn’t yeti-like as in hairy and smelled like yak, just tall and built like he should be loping through a forest of redwoods.  His first comment complaint was that the chairs were too small and close together, leaving him no leg room.  Luckily, he found a seat at the front of a section with vast amounts of space to sprawl into.  I’m pretty sure my leg was about as thick as his arm, and I have pretty chunky thighs, or as I like to refer to them my “raw materials.”

The point is, yeti-man was on to something; when attending a long dance show, make sure to get up during intermission because sitting for long periods of time makes your raw materials tight.

And the second point is, Nacho and I are awesome friend for supporting our Magelas.

And the moral of the story?  Go see a local dance show.  Dance is an art that thrives on the support of many.