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It’s a renversé day so MAKE PLIÉ!

6 Jul

So summer classes are normally taught by Karen Eliot (if that’s her real name) but she’s been sick so graduate student Courtney has been subbing for her.  She is a perky, delicate and gentle teacher who does a lot of barre work that is rather kind to the body.  She also had us close her eyes for one exercise to see if we could maintain our balance without using our eyes, and I’ll say it…I cheated.  I couldn’t help it!  When I was facing away from the mirror I was fine, but when facing the mirror my eyes kept peeling open.  It’s not like I even needed to, it’s just a bad habit.  The mirror and I have a special, but dirty relationship. Something else she had us do in class that I haven’t done in a while is a renversé.  Spirally, fun, indulgent…it’s a good step, but for Billy Elliot knows what reason it reminds me of those dryers with the clear doors so you can see the clothes tumbling inside…anyway, yay for renversé! (and laundry?)  She also told me she likes to watch little old me dance, because I’m very expressive…teehee!  That is literally, one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me…so thanks Courtney!

After class I chattified with her, and she told me about her time dancing with Houston Ballet, and she danced with guess who…Carlos Acosta!  She didn’t have any gossip, because she confirmed that he is indeed the nicest guy.  According to her, he’s incredibly down to earth, humble and will talk to anyone, even the janitor.  It’s probably a huge contributor to what makes him a great dancer and a generous partner.  She said when partnering with him she felt like she didn’t have to do anything, and that he has a great sense of timing, in addition to a pair of huge bear paws that I would imagine would make a dancer he was lifting feel quite secure.  It’s funny though because even with his talent, apparently he would have days where he was frustrated too and sat down one day and said something to the effect of “Oh Courtney…I think I want to do pursue music instead…”  Can you imagine?  She said she was supportive, but I told her I’d shake him silly and tell him “NOOOOOOOO!!!”  (I jest…even though that would be my knee jerk reaction, nobody believes that it’s more important to pursue your passions, regardless of how good you are at something else, more than I do!)

She also told me that he wrote a book (how did I not know this?!) so that’s a must read, after I finish Wicked.  So there you have it…he really is the nicest guy and the best dancer in the world.  Shucks.  Who wouldn’t want to be him?

Moving on, my dear friend and little treasure Svetlana also showed up to class today, and no, Svetlana is NOT her real name, but her Russian alter ego.  She developed this for a modern dance piece she was in, where she played a Russian nurse (I have no idea what the piece was like, so no questions).  Anyway, Sveta and I like to speak with Russian accents and be all Euro-ish by doing kisses on the cheeks because it makes us cool, and seeing her again reminded me of my Russian alter ego, Nikolai “Kolya” Alexander Vladimirovicherov, a cranky, old school Russian ballet teacher who will slap your wrists with a ruler and yell at you to “RELEASE BARRE!” or my personal favorite, “MAKE PLIÉ!”  He also believes that only Russians can be good ballerinas and will rename you with a Russian name because even if you aren’t Russian, having a Russian name as well as a diminutive form like Sveta or Kolya just might bring you a step closer to semi-greatness as a non-Russian.  You might be surprised what you can achieve under the tutelage of Nikolai Alexander Vladimirovicherov.  But mispronounce his name and you’ll be sorry…

So I had a really great time in class today for many reasons, although today’s “youdancefunny” moment of true patheticness happened before class when I saw this picture in the paper this morning:

Johan Santana attempts a renversé but needs to turn out his supporting leg and open the thigh of his free leg in order to maintain the integrity of the connecting line through his back and foot.

Johan Santana attempts a renversé but needs to turn out his supporting leg and open the thigh of his free leg in order to maintain the integrity of the connecting line through his back and foot.

For a split second,  I automatically thought “turn out your supporting leg” before remembering that there is no ballet in baseball (although if there were a “t” there would be! Ha…ha…).  Perhaps “balletball” could be the sport of the future.  But seriously folks, when you start seeing every movement of the human body in terms of dance, you know your life has been tainted.  If you saw “renversé” in the picture above, your eyes, like mine have been skewed in the name of dance and we shall never regain our innocence.

Meanwhile, I don’t want it anyway…HA!