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Day 2 of Marden’s Venga! boot camp

17 Jun

So today was supposedly a Beginning/Intermediate class, however it was pretty much exactly the same as yesterday’s Intermediate/Advanced class and he probably isn’t aware that the students might be different or he doesn’t care.  One of the other dancers in the class yesterday mentioned that when she took class with him fall quarter there were no “levels” per se, just “his” class.  Since I was there for the first day it didn’t matter one way or another, so SPLENDID!  Unfair advantage perhaps, but now that my brain is catching up to my body I was able to do the glissade-assemblé-glissade-assemblé-glissade-brisé-brisé-assemblé combination.  This in retrospect (and in writing) isn’t so bad.  I was just rusty, or it’s a sign that I’m getting old.

See, now I always make fun of myself for being “old” at the ripe age of 25 and then when Marden forgets something or makes a mistake he too uses the “I’m old” excuse.  Come to think of it, so does my mother, but as an Asian mother (or as I sometimes refer to them, squirrel burglars, based on their ability to hide your possessions from you) she picks and chooses when to use that as an excuse, and yet she denies any responsibility when I tell her she forgot something, such as the location of one of my belongings she has hidden.  At any rate, Marden even went as far as preempting one of the students and the accompanist who know him well, forbidding them to mention this apparently ghastly number.  Although when he demonstrates a massive tour jeté or a triple pirouette in attitude, I have some serious doubts about his concept of “old.”

I suppose this may have something to do with his lengthy career in dance, because it seems as though dancers are mostly led to believe that their careers will only last for so long.  Obviously it’s true to a certain extent, and I’m guessing the measurement is roughly equivalent to dog years.  After years of training once one turns professional at around 18-20, they have what, 15 or so human years (which is average for a lot of dogs) to dance and then their careers are done?  Although I can’t quite picture myself being a professional, as someone who started in his twenties, that makes me what, dead already?  Just put me doooooown (I jest of course, because for whatever reason, I still find dance worthwhile to do and learn, and if I’m willing to work hard at it, why not?).  Besides dance needs all kinds of students, especially adult students for 3 reasons:

1. More students = more money (and dance needs every penny!)

2. Some children, tweens and teens are brats.

3. The mongrels from #2’s parents are brats.

You’d be surprised how many dance teachers would rather teach adults instead of kids.  Or maybe you wouldn’t.

Today’s Venga!:

So yesterday’s grande allegro consisted of a series of 3 saut de chat, a pique arabesque, followed by two tour jeté, a soutenou and ending with a, surprise, attitude pirouette.  Today’s was mostly the same, but he changed the attitude pirouette to a regular pirouette en dedans.  Surprise!  Except, that turn was followed by a step into a pique attitude turn en dehors…HA!  We venga after all!