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The Shoe Review

8 Jul

So even though I just bought a pair of white shoes, I also wanted to try a pair of canvas shoes because I haven’t worn them in a long time.  You see, eons ago I had a bad experience with canvas shoes because the first pair I ever got were too small and hurt my longer second toe, but the next size up were so big they were completely bunching up all around my foot and I could feel my feet sliding around inside.  Since then, the story of my life has been leather shoes.  Anyway, I’ve mentioned before I have the most hideous feet known to man and dinosaur and although I tend to avoid the “magic button” mentality where people end up thinking their lives would be perfect if this one thing was fixed, a good shoe is still not to be underestimated.  After much research (seriously, way too much time on my hands) I decided to try the Karl Heinz Martin Stretch Ones.

Karl Heinz Martin Stretch-One

Karl Heinz Martin Stretch-One

Some featurettes about the KHM’s…they come with a right and left shoe (what a novel idea!) and are made of a very soft, stretchy canvas, which gives my prehensile second toe that I normally use to climb trees and ward off predators some room to lengthen, and unlike the Satanic Sansha shoes (say that 3 times fast!) I once had, the elasticity of the material will conform to the shape of your foot.  They also come with in either High Cut or Low Cut, the HC being for those with longer toes and higher Achilles and the LC (coupe basse, the package said!) for shorter toes and lower Achilles (which I bought).  Furthermore, they also come in 3 different widths (although KHM’s website says extra wide is available, but no North American retailer carries XW).  The structure of the shoe also allows it to fit your arch pretty darn closely, and I don’t have good arches so I need all the help I can get.  The shoes also come in your typical assortment of colors, including white, pink, black and tan.  I can honestly say these are the best fitting, most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

Now because KHMs are from Germany, they aren’t easy to get but can be ordered online at Dance Express (www.dancex.com) and New York Dance Store (www.nydancestore.com), and I have to say there is something kind of fishy about them because they both offer exactly the same products and yet New York Dance Store charges more.  Oh yes, you’re talking to a super shopper right here…I always look around a lot before indecisively deciding on what to buy and I am incredibly picky.  Once I even traversed all of Tokyo Disney Sea, only to decide right before I left to go back to one of the gift shops to buy a charm for my phone.  But back to the price differences, for examplification, the KHMs are $15.90 at DanceX, and $20.90 at NY.  Hmm.  Now both websites do require a minimum $40 order, which can be a pain in the ass, but you could always use new dancewear, right?  I myself bought some of Sansha’s bike shorts (the “Houston,” which has a stripe down the side), and thankfully, unlike their devil shoes, the shorts fit great and are comfortable.  And For the record, the Houston shorts are only $14 at DanceX, compared to $18 at NY.

You wouldn't know the trouble I went through to get this...unless you're Erina you would.  It was worth it.

You wouldn't know the trouble I went through to get this...unless you're Erina you would. It was worth it.

The Houston’s are actually great…they’re supposed to be mid thigh, but I have freakishly long thighs so they’re a bit higher on me, but as stupid as it sounds I actually find the stripe down the side helpful because I am a notorious pelvis tilter and I can actually see in the mirror when my alignment goes awry.  I wasn’t a huge fan of showing my mammoth gigantor thighs, but I care more about placement and technique then the way my body looks.  It was actually quite enlightening, and I also discovered my right quad is a lot more developed than my left one.  It’s a wonder I don’t walk around in circles.

So there you have it folks…youdancefunny endorses the KHMs and the Houston shorts.  Because KHM and Sansha are not so great about giving sizing information, I have taken it upon myself to do the research for you (seriously, I even e-mailed the people at KHM and Sansha, and nobody got back to me…some customer service!  I had to find the following myself).  KHM shoes are the same as Sansha sizing, and Sansha shoe sizing charts are available on the net.  I myself wear a size 8 street shoe (men’s) and thus a size 11 KHM.  As for the Houston shorts (the burgundy stripe being the one I bought), a UK website recommends the following for Sansha men’s dancewear: 

Waist Size

S: 28 – 30”

M: 30 – 32”

L: 32 – 34”

XL: 34 – 36”

The shorts themselves actually come in sizes 3-6.  My waist is around 28” (a little less actually, unless I’ve eaten Chipotle) and the Small, which came as a size 3 fit well.  Hope this information helps someone out there!  And something something I’m not responsible for any injuries you may incur as a result of trying these products blah blah blah, end disclaimer.  Happy dancing!